Working abroad “National utility - Family benefit”

To solve unemployments, reduce poverty sustainably
Although Vietnam's economy has recovered and continues growing, most people in Vietnam still in the poverty, unemployment status and low-education levels. The desire to improve their lives is the main reason to promote Vietnam laborers to work overseas.
 According to statistics in 2014, Vietnam has 52.65 million workers, accounting for over 50% of the population, of which 90% work in the non-state sector. In addition, each year there are more than 1.5 million people in the working age. Moreover, the increasing of the workforce in the context of unemployment rate in urban areas and the proportion of idle time of people in the rural areas relatively high making the unemployed issues and solving the unemployment for them. In particular, working abroad or labor export is considered a solution to reduce the unemployment rate contribute to sustainable poverty reduction in Vietnam.

The foreign currency source
The labores working abroad has increased every year. In 2007, Vietnamese workers abroad sent the remittances to home country US$ 1.6 billion. On average, each year they send about US$ 1.6 billion to US$ 2 billion. In which, from South Korea are US$ 700 million, from Japan more than US$ 300 million. In 2010, Vietnam ranked 16th of 30 countries with the most remittances, and is one of the top 10 countries with large income from labor export.

Other benefits
Export of labor also facilitates to change people's lives. In some villages, the rate of overseas workers is intensive high, many from the poor become the rich, the estimated average annual remittances may reach from US$ 40 to US$ 100 billion. In addition, many people back home have become investors, creating their own businesses, and also creating jobs for the other local workers.
Another benefit is exporting labor to help employees improve their income, access to machinery and advanced technology, modern management mechanism, the style industry, enhance professional skills, foreign language and skills, expand their knowledge and vision. So, to work abroad or labor export is considered external economic sector brings many benefits both economic and social “National utility - Family benefit”.