VHRC commits and will be fully responsible for the followings:
-  To consult the fully and detailed information about Vietnam Human Resource.
- To source candidates meeting your Job description; Technical trade testing and keeping them ready for your approval; Your  delegation  coming  to  Vietnam  for  an  interview  will  be  picked  up  at  the  airport and accompanied to the hotel;
-  Final interviews are scheduled as desired by you and also provided all facilities;
-  To provide medical report of the selected candidates, consisting of tests as per the respective country’s medical standards;
-  To arrange Government formalities: emigration clearance, visa stamping, police clearance certificate, etc;
-  To orientate to the candidates adequately on the local law and personal conduct to the respective countries of employment;
-  To place the approved candidates within your desired time limit under prior intimation to you;
-  To provide all possible help to the candidates in embarkation and airport formalities;
We are committed to provide the reliable, amicable, and professional service to our valuable clients, and to be supportive to local businesses and social activities, be friendly to the environment as well as to be proactive in the socio-economic environment where we operate.
Our appreciation of our clients' interests, evidenced by meeting their requirements and ensuring high quality services, is the prime direction of our management.
More over, VHRC commits and will be fully responsible up to three months of probation period for the performance, behavior and productivity of the workers.  Anyone found unfit will be repatriated at our expenditure and replacement will be made free of charge.

Yours Sincerely,