With the long-time experienced, professional, highly-qualified staff and a net of the associate Vocational Training and Job Replacement Centers, Universities, Colleges, Training Institutes from 64 provinces in Vietnam, especially the rich database of candidates, VHRC is ready to meet the demand for human resources from Vietnam in the most effective way. In order to create and maintain the cooperative and reliable relationship with foreign and local partners as well as the Vietnamese employees.
VHRC has a team of technically qualified recruitment managers who shortlist the candidates as per the job specification of our customers which enables save our customers valuable time and expenditure.
The staffs are highly qualified and have vast experience in Projects & HR.  We have also training facilities and the School for International Manpower (SIM) for our staffs on personality development hence we have professional & dedicated staff which flexible working schedules, job sharing, innovative human resource initiatives and lots more is also the main strength of our organization. We invest time, finance and factually ideas for the betterment of our qualified staffs.
At VHRC, we have taken these steps to make sure that each one of us gives their 100% efforts and you will get the benefits from our services. We endeavor to the best of our abilities to compile and meet the clients specification concerning to each required position. We ensure to deploy the selection of applicants within the time stipulated by our customers and provide a guarantee for 3 months for our applicants on their performance, behavior and productivity. Also the above help us to benefit our clients with right candidates for the right job.
While the business environment grows globally and complexly, human resource will play a more active and aggressive role in setting the company strategies and ensuring their effective execution. We understand the challenges in order to get the right candidates for the right jobs; we are forced ourselves to have a rigorous recruitment process which ensures that Our Customers would satisfy at our professional services.